Self Employed

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There are two service options – traditional or digital.
Traditional service
Simply provide us with your sales and purchase invoices and leave us to do the rest. Our team will then digitise your information and provide you with paper accounts to authorise. We can also introduce you to technology that might improve your business, but we are more than happy to carry out the administration on our side for you.
We are happy with whatever makes you happy.
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Digital service
Simply photograph your receipts and invoices and let us do the rest. 
● No more spreadsheets (option)
● No more paper receipts. (option)
● Digital secure storage (option)
● Realtime reporting (option)
● Accept payments through PayPal and Credit Card (option)
How to operate digitally…
Photograph all your receipts and invoices as you go with our mobile app in two clicks. That’s it! Our software will not only backup your data should HMRC require it, but it will be used to create your accounts.

For digital receipts from sites such as eBay and Amazon simply forward the email to a secure custom email address we’ll create for you and then our team will do the rest. Should we need any further information, we will contact you.
Real time with Xero and Quickbooks.
The mobile app displays all overdue payments both in and out of the business, bank balances, profit summaries and much more. It enables you to raise professional quotations and sales invoices on your mobile in minutes. Plus, customers are emailed a PDF invoice with your logo on it and they are given the option to pay you by credit card or PayPal.