Integrate All Systems

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Small businesses are fortunate to operate at a time when systems can be integrated from off-the-shelf apps. The app market has exploded in the last ten years, providing a huge choice to businesses.
What is complete integration?
Simply put, complete integration is the ability for systems to transfer data with little or no manual intervention.
What’s the cost?
For advanced integration, it’s performed directly through 3rd parties such as BlueHub and Outserve Web. (Business Accounting Ltd has no association with either) The cost will depend on your requirements but very roughly these companies could charge £15,000-£30,000 installation and a servicing charge of £100-£500 per month.
For small businesses this may appear high, but it should pay for itself 5+ times over. The return is the money you will save through reduced errors, less administration time, the ability to grow, product profitability analysis, forecasting, reduced risk, and the ability to sell the company for a higher value.
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Example apps
Unleashed is an amazing product for stock control with a number of strong competitors such as Cin7, Dear inventory. To integrate these operational apps we recommend an app-specific app integrator such as Bluehub and Outserve Web.
We highly recommend that you consider using these systems for your business. The difficulty is selecting the app that best fits your business and ensuring the support provided by the app integrator meets your expectations.
Take your business to the next level…
Real time, detailed information is the key to growth and risk reduction. Once operational and financial systems are integrated, small business owners can focus on strategic planning.
Dean developed this service using his experience gained from working with large organisations such as Npower and the Cooperative. Large companies review accounts and cash flow projections monthly, whereas smaller businesses tend to monitor the results daily.
Strategic planning involves a lot of thought, research and detailed discussion of your specific market. These conversations are driven by the real time reports and app integrations.
Why does Business Accounting Ltd encourage the use of these systems?
Over the years Dean has worked for numerous organisations with sales of hundreds of millions of pounds per year and therefore he fully understands the power of forecasting. Complete Integration provides decision-makers with detailed information fed directly into the accounting systems Xero and Quickbooks.
Thanks to his experience he knows that the most value he can provide clients with is to generate real time information and options to plan rather than to react to changes.
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